Biofuel Energy


Domestic waste is separated, sorted into different waste streams. Waste mixtures after classification include the following:

Composition of plastic waste (plastic bags, plastic, rubber ...) are collected. Partial sale and part serving pyrolysis line operation.

                                                       Plastic waste is classified and packed.

Metal components (iron, steel, nonferrous metals ...) are recovered.

Iron, metal are classified and packaged.

The biodegradable organic waste with the addition of a part of bio-based byproducts is used to generate biogas for the operation of power plants connected to the national grid.

 - Particularly waste, inorganic substances (shell, shell, etc.) are buried. 

- Construction waste-brick (brick and stone) accounts for 7-10% of the volume of garbage collected: In the immediate future, when we have suitable conditions, we will invest in the production line of unburnt bricks.


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